Considering the previous post, I suppose it is appropriate of me to bring up the subject of fur, if no one has any objection. Fur is slightly different from animal print clothing because it actually serves a purpose greater than that of style. It serves the purpose of keeping people warm which in some places is entirely necessary, like in Canada. But seeing as I don’t live in Canada (I pity the poor fools who put themselves through such dreadful weather) the only purpose that it serves me other than that of fashion is for me to run my fingers over it and purr at the soft delightful sensation. I have a couple of fur hats sitting around my room; one I bought when snowboarding in Aspen and the other I bought for 2€ at a second hand shop in Vienna, right across the street from Freud’s house. They have evolved from forgotten articles of clothing to drunken costume parts that my friends and I adopt after a beer or ten, but recently I got to thinking that they could be more that that, they could be legitimate accessories. SO like a good girl, I did my research and found the proper inspiration, so without further ado, I bring to you:

Their Way

Not bad, eh? My favorite is the last picture, I mean come on, high-waisted white denim and fishnets, plus there’s the obvious amazing presence of Moschino. How much cooler can you possibly get? I gave it a go and tried my hand at the fur hat look. This is more of a casual t-shirt way of styling a fur hat, I’m still experimenting with looks and chances are, I’ll post again with a different version.

My Way

That’s all I’ve got for you today, but fear not, I shall return. With more treats if you’re good.