They say that men are attracted to red lips because women’s lips are flushed with blood when they are horny. This sounds true enough, but I can’t back that up with anything other than word of mouth (well, I probably could, but I haven’t done the research). But lately, the color of seduction in terms of lips hasn’t been red but, surprisingly, orange.

The orange temptress look seems to go hand-in-hand with revived-grunge, disheveled, Cory Kennedy non-style. Nonetheless, I think it can be a sophisticated, playful lip color despite being associated with rich party girls who takes their clothes off too much. Maybe that was a bit harsh… It is hypocritical of me to judge girls who wear the same shade of lipstick as me, wouldn’t it? Yeah, I bought into it, and I’m glad I did, it’s one of the only shades of lipstick that I fully appreciate on myself. I should also mention that when scouring the web for pictures of orange lipped ladies, I did dare to venture to lastnightsparty. I know, I know, bad Laura. Well, chances are, unless you’re brand new to this blog, you already know what I’m getting at, so enough with the commentary and here’s:

Their Way


Don’t you just love that picture of Agyness Deyn? Your eyes are just drawn to her face because of her pale hair and complexion. I guess this post is a little different because it isn’t really about styling the orange lipstick, it’s just about styling in it. Anyway, here’s me ‘stylin’:

My Way

Please excuse the school shirt. It’s tacky and uncomfortable but once in a while a person gets too lazy to do anything about that.