I took a sick day off from school because I seem to have caught a flu overnight, so now I’m suffering through fever spells and having my whole body ache unforgivingly. Poor little me. I’ve been spending my responsibility-less day looking through street-fashion photos from NY fashion week, feeling as though I should have at least 3 posts about it. But then I thought about it and decided that this predetermined, basic blogging norm is a little to mainstream for my tastes and that ‘of-the-moment’ isn’t really my style. Me and my boyfriend were talking the other day about this blog and fashion in general and a lot of what we were saying revolved around the ideas that fashion isn’t really heading anywhere, trends are top-down and hierarchal, and that here hasn’t been a new look for ages. I like to think that living abroad has given me the opportunity not only to avoid the fashion present, but to create my own trends and explore western and eastern styles alike without being swung either which way.

A few hours later: Ironically enough, as I was reading this weeks New Yorker, I found the pair of shoes that I most recently bought mentioned in an article about shoes a propos of New York Fashion Week. They are a pair of Alice + Olivia for Payless hot pink 4 inch heels.

Pretty, ain’t they? They do wonders for my legs, too. I had never really owned a pair of sex-heels (as I like to call them) before these, but I definitely don’t regret buying this pair for about $10 at a buy one pair, get the second half-off sale. The second pair I got was a pair of sexy, black and white, spatz-inspired, lace up Fioni heels.


Man, do my feet feel pampered. Unfortunately my illness has hindered me from actually showing them off except for lunch at Tex-Mex on Sunday with my boyfriend. Ah, the evils of flu.