Marcus Ohlsson ยป Velvet ยป 3

Marcus Ohlsson

I can’t contain my excitement for this weekend when I’ll be driving out to the beach, heading towards days of lazy sunbathing, cold beer and watching storms from the hot tub.

I shall have clean up the catastrophe I have made in organizing my wardrobe today, I suppose.

Oh this is a painful thing to do, but I’m afraid I feel it is necessary. I have a very odd mentality when it comes to sorting out my wardrobe, it’s as if I feel that by getting rid of things, I’ll have more to wear. What a paradox. But when you think about it, I guess it’s true… With less bullshit in your way, your favorite things are easier to find, and in the process, you might find that something you didn’t like at all has quite grown on you. Here is a good guide to how you should go about this nasty chore, although one thing she forgot to mention was shoes, but it’s quite simple: If they don’t fit, chuck ’em. If you don’t like ’em, chuck ’em. If they’re falling apart, chuck ’em. (Of course when I say “chuck ’em” I mean something far more humane, like give them to friends, donate them, or reuse them in a project).

The shoe-area for me was probably the most grand of a task to take on, because I have avoided clearing out my shoes for the past few seasons, despite having sorted through the rest of my clothes. I’ve had to let go of about 10 pars of shoes for various reasons.

Goodbye shoes, I won’t miss you.