My mind is on the beach again. I’ve just come home a few hours ago from staying at a hostel in Jaco with my boyfriend (it was great fun), so guess what I’m thinking of. It’s beachy, goes on your feet and disappeared from the face of the planet like 15 years ago. You guessed it: JELLIES! Anywho, in my quest to find pictures of outfits that included jelly shoes (you know, those plastic sandals you wore when you were about 4), I realized that this has been the hardest ‘Their Way’ to find yet. Does no one want this trend to come back at all? I mean they’re not horrible shoes, they’re quite cute in my opinion. However it seems that many people don’t agree with my humble opinion because most of the pictures I found were baby pictures from the 80’s. Actually that’s not entirely true, I did find a lot of pictures of just the shoes themselves, but no body to go with them. What a shame. I know I’m not terribly unfashionable for liking these edible-looking sandals because at least Marc Jacobs shares my interest. Here are the few good jelly people I found.

Their Way

My Way

This outfit was inspired in part by a Milk post ages ago. See if you can guess the next ‘Their Way/My Way’ – two fun states of mind, combined into one awesome article of clothing.