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The T-Shirt is a staple in fashion in the United States, popularized during WWII by the American soldiers who admired the versatility of the lightweight British soldiers’ undershirts. Since that time, the T-shirt has been immortalized by people like James Dean and Elvis, bringing depth to an other-wise unremarkable design. These shirts are easy and comfortable because they are button-, zipper-, collar-, and sleeve-free and soft to perfection thanks to their jersey knit.

Their Way

T-Shirt reconstruction, although it may not seem it, is a very broad subject and can be divided into the following categories:

1. No-Sew (customizing a shirt without sewing it)


2. T-construction (altering a t-shirt with a needle and thread to make it something wearable)

3. Mash-Up (using parts of different shirts to create a shirt)

4. Tee-Party (using one or more shirts AND other embellishments, such as lace, scrap fabric, buttons, zippers, patches, etc. to create a shirt)

5. Versatili-tee (using one or more shirts and other pieces to create a different article of clothing)

My Way

Surgery #1

Surgery #2

Surgery #3

In all of the above pictures: Black jeans, Zara; Suede boots, thrifted; shirts, miscellaneous, customized by me.