Everyone in the blogosphere seems to have buzzed about Martin Margiela’s unbelievably bad ass fucked-up denim except for me. Am I the ugly duckling? Hopefully not for long, then, because I too have decided to persue this dirt-cheap, high-fashion look. But, shockingly enough, I cannot afford these splendid jeans. Here’s how I feel about them:

So I have economically decided to customize my own out of a pair of worn down Guess jeans, already fraying at the seams and pockets. I’ve decided that since they’re on their way out anyway, I might as well use that look to my advantage and do something useful with them. Even i it doesn’t work out, it’s no great loss, right?

Their Way

(The originals, ripping it up on the runway)

My Way

I became so enamoured by the last picture that I am perusing dying my own slasher jeans black to better suit them for more formal occasions. I never knew completely destroyed clothing could be so classy.

EDIT: See the update on how the jeans have weathered over time here.