To make up for my faux pas’ in the monochromatic challenge, I have decided to metaphorically revoke some of my worst mistakes in this week-long rainbow haze (green & fuscia, urgh). Now, I’m not trying to justify my own failed attempts, I’m just experiencing a moment of self-criticism when I say that as the challenge continued, the outfits got worse, were more contrived, looked off. I know this was partially due to an inexplicable lapse of judgment on my behalf, but I can’t take all the blame; my limited wardrobe dictated my style for these past days and regretfully, I do not have the resources nor the patience to fill my closet with articles of clothing in all the colours of the rainbow that I will wear maybe only once or twice. I try to invest in clothes with styling flexibility and character and the truth of the matter is that sometimes my clothes clash (this week has been a bloodbath).

Although I know brown isn’t exactly the prettiest or most legitimate colour I could have done, I have more articles of clothing that I appreciate in this colour. So here, in hopes of redeeming myself a little, I bring you…




So there you have it, a week and a day of single-colour outfits. Some good, some not so good, but it was fun all the same. Thanks for sticking through it with me.