I’ve gone ahead and done yet another recreation of a page from my inspiration folder. I thoroughly enjoyed peicing this one together even though it isn’t quite an exact replica, just because I appreciate almost every individual article I used. I love the jacket that I stole out of my mother’s closet because of how it hangs so delicately off of my shoulders while at the same time, it clings to my curves (please excuse me for how sexual that sounded), I love the PVC leggings because when they gather in runches around my calves it causes a radical reflective quality in the pants, and of course I love the Chucks because, like my boyfriend says, you could be wearing a space helmet and a tutu, but as long as you’re wearing converse, you look put together.





img_5330 img_5324

Jacket, mother’s; tank, AA; PVC leggings, Express; shoes, Converse