My sister has yet again returned to San Fransisco after being home for the holidays and since I’m going off to college in a few months and my mom is moving to the states soon, we figured this was her last visit back to this house at least, meaning that everything she left behind is fair game for me. She mostly left behind old t-shirts that I saw laden with DIY potential and old bags from when we were teeny weeny. She left a few other things that I can’t for the life of me understand why she didn’t want like this shoulder purse made from old records and her old horseback riding jacket. One thing that she left behind was a frumpy black windbreaker that I wouldn’t have thought twice about unless I had seen the picture below and seen how it was so ripe for copycatting.




img_5533 img_5537 img_55181

Windbreaker, hand-me-down; suede skirt, thrifted; PVC leggings, Express; shoes, Zara; belt, thrifted

Let’s Deviate


img_5558 img_5561

Check shirt, LL Bean; t-shirt, AA; Jeans, Levi’s