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Blouse, Banana Republic; Scarf, ?; Shorts, Gap cut-offs; Purse, Israeli design

I don’t really have much to say about the above shoot, but I do have a general inquiry/observation/whatever to make about the way I do things for the blog. If you’re a regular to this blog, or even done a once-over of the main page, you’ll have notived that I tend to mainly pose infront of one blank wall. Compared to standing awkwardly in a corner of my closet or cramped room with no natural light, which is how I started, this is quite the advancement, but I wondered if those who shoot out in open spaces are somehow a step ahead of this. It’s no secret that many successful fashion bloggers such as Rumi from fashiontoast and Karla from Karla’s Closet are both experts at taking beautiful shots outdoors (at dusk, it always seems). It seems to me like they all somehow conveniently live right by traintracks and rubble-y ruins. I suppose it’s just about working up the courage to risk being caught posing a bit foolishly in front of a chainlink fence. Of course that’s not all there is to it; in these cases you really can’t do it with a tripod, you need a photographer (lucky for me, Danny seems to be shaping up quite nicely in that department).

Of course there are some bloggers that go in a different direction. I’ve born witness to many a pretty picture taking in front of a full white background with a roll of white paper and studio lightling such as Lulu from lulu and your mom and there’s no denying her success. Personally, I think the former option takes a more romantic-looking picture and ultimately creates more texture within your blog. Not only that, but I’m sure it encourages people to actually wear what they post (I admit, I am partially guilty of this with the copycat pictures, but everything else I actually wear out and about).

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back later, ranting about something else.