You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been slowly injecting my boyfriend, Danny, more and more into the daily life of this blog and he has become quite a major part of it, what with that he y main photographer and has even conceded on occasion to actually posing with me (and on his own) in some pictures. When I started thinking about how much of this blog is due to his help, I decided I couldn’t just allow his to be some quasi-anonymous guy that shows up once in a while just for kicks. Anyway, when I told him all of this, I also invited him to do a few guest posts because he is somewhat of a blogger himself (DaruBoy) and, if he’s into it, maybe become an associate author of this blog. With that said, I hope good things are in store for Dirty Laundry and here’s a post with more of a ‘Danny focus’.






img_5584 img_5601

On me: Dress, Zara; Tights, Givenchy; Shoes, Fioni

On him: Shirt, Ralph Lauren