Hi, it’s Danny, this is my first post here on Dirty Laundry and I’m glad to be writing on this wicked blog. Laura is such a talented writer and thanks for inviting me and it’s an honor. Today let’s talk about rolling up our sleeves on the blog that won’t kidnap me and kill me.

9078robertrweb1 picture2

Source: The Sartorialist

Rolling up my sleeves is daily after-work habit that I have. Well, actually, a habit at any time, because I love how casual and relaxed I feel when I do. I especially love how the gentleman in the first picture above has taken it up a notch. By removing the belt loops on his pants in combination with the rolled sleeves, he’s created such a killer combo. It goes from “just got out of work” to a nice sporty look. It’s also a winner because his pants are not baggy, but a slim tailored pant, he looks as sharp as a tack. I would prefer unbuttoning my shirt though, but his glasses are so old school and awesome.

As for rolling up blazer sleeves, I bought this jacket at a thrift store the other day, the only problem was that the sleeves were a tad bit short on me, but Laura just rolled them up and then problem solved. It was slim fitting, and I couldn’t stop smiling when I put that thing on. But not all blazers look good rolled up, especially with double lapels or thick materials. You want to go for a thin light blazer, probably made out of cotton, linen, or another material that is light. Just don’t go pastel colors or pairing with a simple white shirt or you’ll end up like Miami Vice with speed boats. I think it looks best with a v-neck shirt (like the guy in the second picture) and the ensemble all comes together with those pants and not using socks.