Okay, let’s have a chat. Recently I’ve received a couple of very nasty comments concerning the guest post I did on Fashion Fille about Costa Rican fashion. I don’t know if my tone didn’t translate right or if people are just interpreting things freely because they’re looking for a fight, but let me just say this: I LOVE Costa Rica, I LOVE Costa Rican fashion. I mean, for fucks sake, I was being ironic. Yeah, CR has some terrible dressers, if you’ve ever been here you really can’t deny that. But my post was about the GOOD aspects of it. Or did you just miss that point completely. I have been making an effort from day 1 to show people that countries across the world (like CR) can be just as fashionable as the States and Europe and you have the nerve to bash me for that? You think you’re really contributing to that by insuling one of the few people who are trying to get that message out there? Go rethink your strategy and come back to me.