A few months ago I wrote a guide to thrift shopping (something that has become increasingly popular among fashion bloggers) and its unwavering position as the most popular post of this blog along with the requests I have recieved for a sequel have compelled me to write this post.

1. Buying a bunch of old graphic tees is not what thrift shopping is about. Although this may be your first inclination if you’re new to thrifting, if you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you won’t have any luck.

2. If you find something that you think has a cool pattern or neat embellishments but it doesn’t fit right or look that great on you, don’t give up hope, try it on upside-down or use it as something that it’s not. For example, if you see a skirt with a neat design but it’s too long and not worth the tailoring, try it on as a strapless dress.

3. Sometimes it’s hard to see the appeal in an article of clothing when its surrounded with a bunch of junk, try visualizing it on a fashion icon of yours if you’re uncertain or try to build an outfit with it in your mind.

4. If you think you’ve exhausted all of the clothing racks in the store, don’t stop there; check out any old paintings or dishes they might have – a stylish lifestyle for a stylish person.

5. If you’re into DIY, look for interesting fabric, cool buttons and zippers on old clothes that you could use in a project, a lot of the time you’ll pay less for them this way.

6. Get to know they people at your local thrift store, they’re definitely the people to know in this industry because they might be kind enough to let you know when they get new stuff in, let you see clothes that aren’t on display and give you discounts on your goodies.

7. It’s very hard to tailor high-waisted pants into regular-waisted pants, so if you’re going to risk it, be sure that your hi-top pants DO NOT give you camel toe. Yucky.

8. The best outfit to wear would be leggings, an easy skirt, a tank top, a belt that you can wear at the waist or the hips (so you can explore options of clothes), a thong as opposed to regular undies, and pointy toed flats (they’re comfortable and will help you visualise what something will look like with heels on).

9. Be on the lookout for clothes that remind you of your favorite designers, but don’t even think about the label, it will probably just disillusion you.

10. Ask around with other people who thrift if they have a ‘spot’ where they get most of their good finds, but try not to be offended if they’re reluctant, thrifting is pretty personal (and competitive!)

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