This isn’t the first time I’ll be saying this, but: I love versatile clothing. I’m not sure what the real appeal is in versatility, maybe it appeals to the middle and upper-middle classes because although some pieces recquire an investment on the consumers part, they seem more opportunities and therefor more utility from the garment (or other article). I love the AA dresses you can wear in 20 diferent ways, I love this jacket that turns into a vest, and I certainly love this dress:

picture-11The 120-zipper dress was designed by Sebastian Errazuriz whose creations are reminiscent of Martin Margiela’s more avant-garde work (like his deck of cards waistcoat (which I will always covet)) and include teddy bear coats, duck lamps, and converse pant-shoes (pictures below). According to Barry Wright of 3stylelife, this dress can be worn in 1,329,227,995,784,915,872,903,807,060,280,344,576 ways not even taking into account partial zipping. It seems to me that this has the potential to be a strenuous but rewarding DIY, except for Costa Rica’s failure in the zipper-diversity department, unfortunately. Apparently, this Chilean designer made his name known in his home country with a slaughtered cow atop a tall building. All I can say is that I’m glad he toned it down a bit before attempting to make his debut in North America.

picture-2 picture-3