If you’re like me, you’d agree that it’s better to go overboard than just settle with something half-assed. I conduct myself in this manner in regards to clothing, especially in regards to DIYs. A while back, when shredding your denim from top to bottom first hit the spotlight and Margiela was all the rage, I fashioned myself my own pair of oblitirated jeans. My post on this from October ’08 recieved mixed reviews, but I loved those jeans nonetheless. Today, I still wear them shamelessly even though they’ve weathered more wear and tear than they would have simply due to their ‘fragile’ state, basically because i was relentless in my x-acto kniving the shit out of them and now they look much more like the original Margielas. I think this kind of DIY evolves and with time, molds to your personality until they feel just right. Here’s a picture of them today juxtaposed with a picture of them freshly cut 6 months ago:

rippedjeansevolutionSorry about the shitty quality of the Before picture, it was taken back in the day of public-self-portrait shyness.