This is something of a catch-all post, but I’m not really focused on anything concrete right now, just an array of fashion-related musings. First off, don’t forget that you have a news set of fashion-icons and here are a couple more pictures of Waris Ahluwalia and Devohn Walker, my faves.

walker-ahluwaliaPictures from Street Clash and The Sartorialist

In other news, I am officially fixated upon the idea of fashioning myself some one-legged pants/bodysuit a la Brian Lichtenberg or Martin Margiela. I realize that it is wildly impractical but think of the possibilities; there could be layering of all sorts! I think this will be the next project I embark on. Hopefully I don’t fail like I failed at making a bustier top recently. I’m over it though, I consoled myself by making a circle shirt – pictures soon, it’s pretty cool if I may say so myself. Stay tuned for progress updates.

inspirationboard5_hfSource: Sea of Shoes