On the blog, the word “hiatus” has been grossly misused. For the past five months, almost to the day, my attentions have been turned away from this little project of mine, something that would not have happened if more tangible circumstances in my life had not dictated it. When I last wrote to you, I was a high school senior living in Costa Rica. I speak to you now as a college freshman in the great city of San Francisco. I hope that there are still some of you out there that will read this blog once it is fully resurrected and back into the swing of things. In effort to lure readers back to the Dirt Laundry institution and share knowledge about the San Francisco fashion scene, I will amend my mission to include all stylistic aspects of geographical interest and to double my exertions within the blog.

It is easier to see what aspects of DL are successful in retrospect and I will take that into account and gear my writing towards some of my more popular topics such as DIY projects (my own and those of other bloggers), thrift shopping tips, and offbeat and avant-garde trends I have spotted in person and throughout the “blogosphere”. Hope to see that there are still a few fish biting out there. Be prepared for the first real comeback post, coming soon.