Cynthia - It Was Either The Cat or The Fan But The Fan is Unplug

I’m growing fond of lengthy titles like the above, even better if it’s a compound title with a colon or parentheses. Anyway, I’ve just decimated my closet for the first time since I’ve reached San Francisco and it really was about time, although now I’m realizing that without mounds of terrifying scraps of fabric, my wardrobe is actually quite meager. One of the problems I always run into when dividing my things into keepers and scrappers is how to wear an article. I have devised a list of things to consider about the capabilities and functions of garments for when you’re rummaging through your own piles of clothes or through thrift stores

1. Probably the most old school transformations – chop them pant legs off and get yourself a pair of shorts.

2. Long skirts can become strapless dresses. This style looks it’s best with a belt cinched at the waist but make sure that there is minimal bunching. Also make sure that the band is neither too tight nor too wide when sitting at the overbust.

3. Similarly, short skirts can become strapless shirts. Same basic rules apply, instead of a belt experiment with how it looks tucked in.

4. Button-down shirts have so many possibilities, it would be positively criminal to neglect them. See them used as skirts & dresses or just try buttoning them differently.

5. Sometimes halter tops can be worn as one-shoulder tops and sometimes one-shoulder tops can be worn as halters. Don’t try and force this one because it can look really cheesy if you’re trying to shove your head through an armhole or if your only strap won’t hold your top up. Beware, this is only for the bravehearted and lucky.

6. Don’t be afraid of a little t-shirt surgery.

7. Strapless tops can double as skirts, skin-tight skirts of course but since that appears to be in fashion, I don’t really see that as an issue.

8. Try things on upside-down, backwards, inside out, and sideways. There will be a whole set of new kinds of draping that may or may not work on a piece of clothing. You never know what you’ll discover. One of my favorite vests, I only wear upside-down, it’s just more interesting.

9. Try pushing both straps of a tank top onto one shoulder. Jane from sea of shoes did this with a classic AA tank and looked quite cool.

10. Another thing done by Jane from SoS that is quite amazing is that she used a pair of wide gauchos as a one-sleeved dress. It makes more sense if you see for yourself. That girl might just be the queen of versatile, I’m not sure yet.

11. Scarves can be used as many things. They can be tops, skirts, dresses, bags and belts. I promise to do a post on this soon to show you what I mean.

12. You know how American Apparel made a versatile dress that can be flipped upside down and the wider points on the skirt could be tied behind your neck and voila, a slouchy halter top? I’m pretty sure that you can do this with other wide, long skirts by using a safety-pin to fasten in the back.

13. Comparable with #2, strapless dressed can be transformed into long skirts. I’m not going to make any rules for this one, it should be fairly obvious whether or not this can be done.

14. Long necklaces can be strung together to create a ‘body cage’ effect when worn around the arms or over the torso.

15. Silly as it may sound, there are over 30 different ways to lace a pair of shoes, and although this may seem like such a minor, insignificant element of an outfit, think again, it may just be that one thing that sets it apart.

16. Try tops on TOGETHER. Something that may not look so amazing on the outside can look great underneath something else or vice versa, with maybe only the collar or cuff exposed. You can do this in lots of combos (button down/button-down, t-shirt/button-down, cami/button-down, t-shirt/cami, corset/cami, etc).

17. Thigh-high stockings and socks can be scrunched down and worn around the knees or ankles for a slouchy effect.

18. Long jackets and cardigans can be belted or just buttoned if you’d like for a modern, fall-ready dress. Try this with tights or leggings

19. Short poofy skirts can be used under other skirts or dresses to give them more body, this of this as a sort of modern crinoline.

20. If all else fails, go naked.

Hope you take heed to my suggestions and discover something new and exciting in your own wardrobes.