The arguments for and against men have been made so many times that the idea of even beginning to try and persuade the obviously non-persuadable he-man skirt hating club bores me to the point of almost not wanting to write this post at all. But I will.

Clockwise from top left: Pelayo Diaz, Tune Magazine, H&M via Hypebeast, The Sartorialist (2x), Marc Jacobs via T Magazine

And because I have nothing more to say other than ‘here’s a bunch of guys in skirts,’ here’s a list of places where guys wear skirts:

caftan (middle east)
cassock (members of the clergy)
dashiki (africa)
djellabah (north africa / morocco)
fustanella (greece / albania)
galibayah (egypt)
gho (bhutan (himalayas))
kikoy (kenya / west africa)
kilts (scotland / ireland / usa /
kimono (japan)
lungi (india)
Mannerrock (germany)
(numerous names for skirts/robes) – (native american (n&s) indians)
Sarong section:
kain (malaysia)
kekapa (hawaii0
lava-lava (polynesians, esp samoans)
pareo or pareu (tahiti)
sarong (indonesia, malay archipelago, and the pacific islands)
sulu (fiji)
tupenu (tonga)
end of sarong section
tunic (numerous, including europe, until recently)
yukata (like a kimono)

hijacked tastelessly from a TFS post by genebujold

Any thoughts?