When I received an email from Sarah a few weeks ago asking me to review her jewelry site, LuShae Jewelry, I was pretty skeptical. After having been bombarded for the last few years, over the life of this blog, I had yet to be presented with anything as worthwhile as her designs proved to be. I spent a full hour on the site trying to choose between all the wonderful items. I finally decided upon the Branch Wrapped Shell Pearl which arrived within the week. After spending some time getting used to it and merging it into my collection quite comfortably, I can say with full confidence that it is truly an excellent piece of jewelry that I am proud to own. The ring is a realization of careful craftsmanship with a stature and modern flair that reminds me of Luxirare’s own ring creation.

(Sarah’s ring is the on the middle finger of my right hand… always)

For those of you who are interested, these are my favorite picks from the ring selection: Black Onyx Egg, Queen Royalty Eternity Ring, and Amethyst World Wonder.