This past week has been chaos with the two simultaneous SF fashion weeks happening (whats that all about???) but at least it’s been interesting. Tonight was one of the first night that I actually bothered to take pictures at even though it’s so damn easy thanks to my brand new iPhone 4 (hello product placement, and no, I’m not getting paid).

First is what I wore and then there’s a couple of the lovelies that I met at the Pop Art Pop-Up (which is actually not part of Chic Fashion Week, just coincidentally coinciding) including the designers of Serial Cultura, a fucking luscious San Francisco based clothing line, an Academy of Art textiles teacher, a photographer at SF Station, and a couple of dapper attendees.

Coat, Charles Klein, thrifted // Tunic, J Crew, thrifted // Leggings, Zara // Belt, Miu Miu, vintage // Shoes, Sam Edelman Zoe

A lovely gallery-goer

Designer wearing Serial Cultura

Sandra from the AAU textiles department

This handsome young man

Lily from SF Station