So this is terrifically late. It’s okay though, no one’s been waiting on their tippy toes for this anyway.

Hosted by SFFAMA, Sunday’s fashion awards were executed quaintly and cleanly, with an air of sophistication a la ladies who lunch. Except for, if you’ve been to a fashion event with me before, you’ll know that someone (ahem) always shows up to drink the wine and pretend like she can take photos… A half-absent guest list, several glasses and a stolen bottle of wine later, this is what happened:

Photo by SFFAMA

Photo by Eventvibe

Dress, vintage // tights, Musical Legs // Shoes, Sam Edelman

Oh, and did I mention there was a fashion show? Yeah, I know, from the flyers and announcements, you never would have guessed it but it was as pleasant a surprise as any and the gents were sporting bicycles as accessories. How modern.

And finally, this- Bacca da Silva is the cutest, cuddliest man and I now forever love him. That’s all.