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Here’s my take on the aforementioned trend of wearing a corset bra as a top. I felt pretty comfortable, it’s definitely a warm-weather thing. And high-waisted is entirely mandatory to avoid looking like you forgot to get dressed.


img_7777 img_7779

img_7787 img_7801

Bralette, Silence + Noise // Jeans, vintage Palmetto // Shoes, Newport News // Jacket, thrifted Van Heusen

Please vote for this look on chictopia here. This look is in the running for their Hot Hot Summer contest and I’d appreciate all the votes I can get, thanks!



img_7154 img_71531

img_7156 img_7162

Vest, thrifted // Trousers, UO // Bra, Silence+Noise // Shoes, Newport News


img_7164 img_7167

img_7170 img_7179

Bodycon dress, thrifted // Harness, DIY // Socks, Buffalo Exchange


img_7187 img_7195

img_7205 img_7209

Corset, Magazine St, NO // Jeans, MNG // Shoes, Zara

Thanks very much to Mr. Photographerman:


I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while now, but never got around to it. I won a set of F21 stud rings from the wonderful Alicia at Instant/Vintage some time ago and I’ve been wearing them pretty religiously. I finally took some pictures and thought it best to share them.






Sweater, thrifted // Belt, thrifted // Shorts, thrifted // Shoes, Newport News

Yeah, so almost my entire get-up here is freshly thrifted (or at least the main bits). When I saw this sweater, I immediately thought of the vintage Escada sweater that Rumi from fashiontoast posted about a while back but I assumed it would be oddly shaped and uncomfortable (and I’m also pretty reluctant to buy something just because I saw something similar on a blog) so I let it be for a bit. When, after 10 minutes or so, I still felt the itch, I threw it on with a pair of crazy pants I was trying on and realized I loved it. I got the belt a while back though. You can’t really tell but it’s a little boys belt with communist sybols all round it and I knew it had to be mine. I may post pictures of what I wear tonight later on cause I’m going to a friend’s party and I’m going to look good.



Shirt, Pierre Cardin // Shorts, Gap cutoffs // Shoes, thrifted // Glasses, Moschino

newcoatCoat, thrifted // lace top, thrifted // jeans, MNG // Boots, vintage

newvestVest, thrifted // T, boyfriend’s Hanes // jeans, MNG // shoes, Best Brands



Shirt, Gap; Belt, Hot Topic; Pants, Zara; Shoes, Zara

(Sorry for the shitt pictures, it was nighttime and I used my point-and-shoot)

So I started school yesterday; I think this is the closest I’ve ever been to being trapped in limbo for such an elongated period of time. Right now I’m in my seond semester of senior year and everything I’m doing is pointless. I’ve heard from some of my schools already (I got into Loyola in N.O.!) but I’m still waiting on all the others, so it’s very stressful. Anyway, to take my mind of things I think I’ll embark on a mini-DIY that Queen Michelle did.