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Early evening yesterday was the wonderful designer (and the sweetest girl ever) Alyssa Nicole‘s Fall fashion preview at Silverman Gallery hosted by DNA (Designers+Artists). Dominated by nude and brown hues in silky, sheer fabrics, this delicate, ethereal collection was a breath of fresh air in a market dominated by the heaviness of the hippie aesthetic and leatherdaddy chic. I arrived late (as usual) but thanks to the fashion show code of ¬†“always start at least 30-min after the scheduled time”, I actually got to see the show in it’s entire greatness. The refreshing live music was called to a pause and two by two, the models sauntered by the hungry audience. Sophisticated and pretty were Alyssa’s dresses and also the desires of those who were fortunate enough to have been on the invitation-only list.¬†Speaking of the guest list, the attendees also left little to be desired. From Alyssa’s intern, Ken Chen to some of the more repeat fashion event offenders (in a good way), this event showcased a very favorable cross-section of San Francisco’s stylistic abilities.


Despite the plethora of meticulous and highly stylish gents in the city, men’s fashion events in San Francisco are shockingly scarce. Lucky for us Bay-dwellers though, The Bold Italic comes to the rescue like it always seems to by hosting a week long fashion event geared at menswear and menswear only. Last night they hosted a fashion show, showcasing the likes of Revolver, Jacks, and Candystore Collective, among others. One thing that came to my surprise as well as my delight was their decision to forego models in place of average joes. The effect was fashion that was tangible, fun, and likable.

Here are a couple of dandies I snapped up on my iPhone last night ( my Rebel died on the way over, it was quite embarrassing to take someones photo on a flat thing for a change).

When considering the possibilities for future trends that may grace the fashion scene, one must look to the past. In this case, I have no desire to revisit the Victorian era, but if you will, follow me back to the 1980’s. Despite our present horror at the faux pas’ that were committed in the decade that brought us shoulder padding and garish skirt-suits, those who fell victim to the regretful trends had a very clear thematic purpose in their attire: to look posh in a feminine sense. Whether they accomplished that or not is up for you to decide (and something tells me that the greater majority of you would rather scoff at than applaud the gaudy garments). Throughout history, change and forward movement has been brought on by revolutions in the form of thesis-antithesis-thesis with each return to the thesis being more and more similar to the former. In this manner, the 80’s gave way to the 90’s which brought with it the the grunge movement whose influences made its way into every facet of daily fashion from ‘mom jeans’ to the plaid craze and was undeniably masculine. In a post 90’s fashion revolution, the metrosexual was born, masculine and feminine had become increasingly less defined and the style coveted was, once again, posh. Although this cyclical pattern of trend replacement is (grossly) oversimplified, history has spoken and currently, the mainstream fashion scene is that of the ‘hispter’, a style in which the lines between feminine and masculine have been blurred to the point of near non-existence. The return to baggy shirts and tight pants that were introduced in the 90’s has given way to other exaggerated trends. Based on these observations, I predict that the next wave will be heavily influenced by Japanese style, with very androgynous elements and clean, tailored pieces. A few things I predict will be making the rounds soon are: tabi boots, Rick Owens-like capes, Shu Uemura eyelashes, and form that blossoms from everything but function – things that are almost like a grown-up version of current blogger-centric obsessions like studs, slashes, and everything Alex Wang.

172256269_58767e566e 00050m kakuyasu-ushiide-shu-uemura-false-eyelashes-collection

Dear readers,

Forgive me blogosphere, for I have neglected, it has been five days since my last fashion confession.

Could I be more blasphemous? But in all sincerity, I do apologize, it seems as though my senioritis has unfortunately spread into my DL life recently which is really quite a shame since my thrifting has been going so well lately. I wish I could share some of the cool clothes that exist in the world to you, as you do the same for me. Anyway, you all know how much I love my boyfriend, but you might not yet know how much he loves Japan. He is continuously encouraging me to explore Japanese fashion and embrace the culture that he has accepted as his own. Well, I just wanted to give credit to where credit is due for my newly aroused awe of Harajyuku style.

harajukuharajuku2source: Drop