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sources: Susie Bubble, NY Times Magazine, Google images


IMG_8038 IMG_8028

Bustier, thrifted // Skirt, thrifted men’s shirt // Shoes, somewhere in New York


IMG_7985 IMG_7972

Shirt, Michael Stars // Skirt, thrifted // Harness, DIY // Coat, vintage // Shoes, vintage


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sources: facehunter, stylebubble, LIFE


IMG_7993 IMG_8009

IMG_8012 IMG_8011

Pants, MNG // Cumberbund, thrifted // Shoes, hand-me-downs // Shirt, __

IMG_4907 IMG_4913

Dress, Zara // Belt, vintage // Pants, MNG // Shoes, mother’s

To make up for my faux pas’ in the monochromatic challenge, I have decided to metaphorically revoke some of my worst mistakes in this week-long rainbow haze (green & fuscia, urgh). Now, I’m not trying to justify my own failed attempts, I’m just experiencing a moment of self-criticism when I say that as the challenge continued, the outfits got worse, were more contrived, looked off. I know this was partially due to an inexplicable lapse of judgment on my behalf, but I can’t take all the blame; my limited wardrobe dictated my style for these past days and regretfully, I do not have the resources nor the patience to fill my closet with articles of clothing in all the colours of the rainbow that I will wear maybe only once or twice. I try to invest in clothes with styling flexibility and character and the truth of the matter is that sometimes my clothes clash (this week has been a bloodbath).

Although I know brown isn’t exactly the prettiest or most legitimate colour I could have done, I have more articles of clothing that I appreciate in this colour. So here, in hopes of redeeming myself a little, I bring you…




So there you have it, a week and a day of single-colour outfits. Some good, some not so good, but it was fun all the same. Thanks for sticking through it with me.

Here’s a slice of colour for you (oh I made a pun, how deliciously funny!) in the form of orange. I suppose this one is dedicated to my sister who lives for the color orange.




Shirt, mothers; Shorts, dept. store; Tights, ?; Belt, Guatemala

I felt like a forest wearing all green, not just because of the green itself, but because of al the different shades and textures I incorporated into the outfit, hopefully this showed through. I also felt like a jungle woman because I was all messy and blahh, thus the smiley faces.




Jacket, ?; Shirt, Gap; Pants, thrifted; Shoes, ?

Navy: The color of my school uniform. Who could have thought that I might actually like this colour? Oh, the humanity! Nevertheless, navy is a very attractive, classy color and can be a refreshing alternative to a (voluntary) uniform of black. Even though this isn’t quite part of the challenge, Navy looks quite nice when it’s paired with pale colours like light yellow and also with a basic green, but there are really endless ways to style this shade into your wardrobe. I felt classy in navy, so I deviated slightly from my classic blank background shots. Bon Apetit.





Blazer, Thrifted; Shirt, Pequeno Mundo; Tie, Salvatore Ferragamo; Pants, Uniqlo; Shoes, Vintage

Yellow is, needless to say, yet another important, inspirational colour in fashion. This primary colour is the most cheerful and jubulant of them all, whose image brings to mind rain boots, children’s coats, and pretty summer dresses. Taking these pictures, I was so very happy. Not only because my wonderful boyfriend was there to shoot the camera, but because of my daffodil attire. Have a great day, everyone.




Shirt, DIY; Shorts, Vintage; Belt, Camden market; Bra, Tenzis