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Top to toe in chaotic floral prints. Possibly somewhat inspired by Susie’s jeggings post. By the way, I hate the term, but I love the garment. I think I like them better a la Topshop than a la American Apparel. I hate how Susie always seems to post things exactly when I’m thinking of doing the exact same thing, she just gets there sooner. For example, I hate the amazingly original idea (pshh) to do a OD on leopard print post, but lo and behold, later that very week, Susie done it. But, then again, what doesn’t she do? Just so we get this straight, if she starts rocking one-legged pants and DIY epaulettes, thats proof enough that she’s reading my mind.


IMG_7877 IMG_7884

IMG_7885 IMG_7893

Outerwear, unknown // Dress, thrifted // Corset, thrifted + customized // Tights, unknown // Shoes, Buffalo Exchange


My latest love affair can easily be blamed on the following series of images (find the rest here) that have showcased the beauty that can be found only when patterns are collided into a cacophony of visual ‘desert’. Pattern mixing is something I have learned to love due largely to one of my style gurus, Style Bubble. As you’ll see in the second half of this post, I’m using my bedspread as an alternative to the wonderful lengths of fabric that Vogue has the luxury of using. No, I’m not ashamed, in fact, I find myself very resourceful.



65284_vogue_patterns-vogue_italia_dec_2007-steven_meisel-nv05_122_885lo 65303_vogue_patterns-vogue_italia_dec_2007-steven_meisel-nv08_122_465lo

65797_vogue_patterns-vogue_italia_dec_2007-steven_meisel-nv13_122_389lo 65256_vogue_patterns-vogue_italia_dec_2007-steven_meisel-nv02_122_1076lo



img_5353 img_5365

Wrap dress, grandmothers; tights, ?; shoes, some boutique in Berkley