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Behold my most recent creations:

Exhibit A was so unreasonably simple. Just get a can of silver spray paint, dose your shoe (for me it was my old, worn down cowboy boots) of choice and let dry. This only took me 5 minutes. Exhibit B was somewhat more tedious. I stuck just shy of 500 clear-ended thumb tacks in rows into the foamy-platform base of a pair of thrifted Steve Madden shoes. This took a couple hours but once you get into the rhythm of it, you don’t really need to think about it much.


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sources: Susie Bubble, NY Times Magazine, Google images


IMG_8038 IMG_8028

Bustier, thrifted // Skirt, thrifted men’s shirt // Shoes, somewhere in New York


IMG_7985 IMG_7972

Shirt, Michael Stars // Skirt, thrifted // Harness, DIY // Coat, vintage // Shoes, vintage

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sources: facehunter, stylebubble, LIFE


IMG_7993 IMG_8009

IMG_8012 IMG_8011

Pants, MNG // Cumberbund, thrifted // Shoes, hand-me-downs // Shirt, __

IMG_4907 IMG_4913

Dress, Zara // Belt, vintage // Pants, MNG // Shoes, mother’s

Top to toe in chaotic floral prints. Possibly somewhat inspired by Susie’s jeggings post. By the way, I hate the term, but I love the garment. I think I like them better a la Topshop than a la American Apparel. I hate how Susie always seems to post things exactly when I’m thinking of doing the exact same thing, she just gets there sooner. For example, I hate the amazingly original idea (pshh) to do a OD on leopard print post, but lo and behold, later that very week, Susie done it. But, then again, what doesn’t she do? Just so we get this straight, if she starts rocking one-legged pants and DIY epaulettes, thats proof enough that she’s reading my mind.


IMG_7877 IMG_7884

IMG_7885 IMG_7893

Outerwear, unknown // Dress, thrifted // Corset, thrifted + customized // Tights, unknown // Shoes, Buffalo Exchange

I came across this top the other day in one of my local thrifting haunts and was instantly attracted to its beaded umbrellas and heavy-hanging bat wing shape. My first thought was to pair it with a pair of white leggings with little knots at the bottom, but the overwhelming disco-ness of it all put me off of that notion and I quickly decided on a pair of more modern beige cut-offs and classic black suede heels. This is one of those cases where gaudy = swooning.



img_7839 img_7848

Top, vintage Bonnie Boerer & Co. // Shorts, Gap // Shoes, Zara

Here’s my take on the aforementioned trend of wearing a corset bra as a top. I felt pretty comfortable, it’s definitely a warm-weather thing. And high-waisted is entirely mandatory to avoid looking like you forgot to get dressed.


img_7777 img_7779

img_7787 img_7801

Bralette, Silence + Noise // Jeans, vintage Palmetto // Shoes, Newport News // Jacket, thrifted Van Heusen

Please vote for this look on chictopia here. This look is in the running for their Hot Hot Summer contest and I’d appreciate all the votes I can get, thanks!




Sweater, thrifted // Belt, thrifted // Shorts, thrifted // Shoes, Newport News

Yeah, so almost my entire get-up here is freshly thrifted (or at least the main bits). When I saw this sweater, I immediately thought of the vintage Escada sweater that Rumi from fashiontoast posted about a while back but I assumed it would be oddly shaped and uncomfortable (and I’m also pretty reluctant to buy something just because I saw something similar on a blog) so I let it be for a bit. When, after 10 minutes or so, I still felt the itch, I threw it on with a pair of crazy pants I was trying on and realized I loved it. I got the belt a while back though. You can’t really tell but it’s a little boys belt with communist sybols all round it and I knew it had to be mine. I may post pictures of what I wear tonight later on cause I’m going to a friend’s party and I’m going to look good.