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Halloween has come early this year in the form of the most fabulous five-dollar tights I have ever laid eyes on. First, I’d like to thank Music Legs, the brand that birthed these beauties, second, let’s hear it for, the site that sold them, but mostly, I applaud the Internet, without whom none of this would be possible. Hurrah, hurrah. Ironically, yesterday was San Francisco’s first sunny day in eons and I was wearing tights out to go swimming in a rooftop pool. Gotta love the bay.

Hat, F21 // Dress, unknown // Tights, music legs // belt & boots, vintage // bag, Harajuku Lovers


Welcome, everybody, to my first ever video log. Please excuse my incessant rambling – it’s a medical condition and can’t be helped.

People have this tendency to latch on to any style involving animal skins or prints exceptionally well. My theory is that it has something to do with humans misinterpreting which species they are actually supposed to attract. This is why we have things like alligator skin shoes, although I somehow doubt that alligator men get randy because of their women’s sexy toes. One of my favorite specie-ally bastardized fads is leopard-print because it’s one of the most out-there, obvious big cat knock-offs, alongside tiger stripes. I am no exception to the seductive power of leopard-print, so it is with a twinge of (trendy) embarrassment that I admit that I have purchased a pair of leopard leggings. Of course I only bought they so that they would make me run faster of course. Shortly after having purchased them, however, I realized as I tore my wardrobe apart that I didn’t really know what to wear them with. Like every blogger, I did the smart thing: turn to other blogs. Thankfully there are a lot of resources available on the internet and I found some great pictures.

Their Way

Anyway, so that’s how they do it. After looking through a bunch of truly fantastic pictures of girls with knockout pussycat legs, I figured I’d go back into the ol’ closet of mine and rustle up an outfit to go with those leggings. Anyway, I had to improvise a little bit because the dress that I envisioned was MIA. Yeah, life’s a bitch. But I think my second choice was a suitable enough alternative – I’ll let you be the judge of that.

My Way

One thing I’m somewhat concerned about with this outfit is that the leggings don’t really seem to star, instead they are obscured by the color variation in the dress. I was hoping for something understated and less crowded. I’ll let you know if I ever find that dress and I’ll keep looking for the right formula.